Xiaomi Wallpapers Collection 4K [Redmi Wallpaper, MIUI Wallpapers] MIUI 1 to MIUI 14

Xiaomi Wallpapers Collection 4K [Redmi Wallpaper, MIUI Wallpapers] MIUI 1 to MIUI 14

Wallpapers are one of the top customization parts of Xiaomi MIUI Devices. We know Xiaomi offers a lot of customization options to their users. Wallpapers are an important feature that Xiaomi offers to enhance user experience easily. For this reason, we have included a complete collection of Xiaomi wallpaper here. From MIUI 1 to MIUI 14, we have tried to include each and every stock wallpaper provided by Xiaomi (MIUI Wallpapers).

Here, based on your requirements, you can download the Xiaomi wallpaper for your device. If you are running on Redmi, then you can download the Redmi Wallpaper 4K and vice versa. Here’s the huge collection of Xiaomi Wallpapers.

Why Wallpaper Xiaomi?

We know wallpapers are a major part of core customization. By changing wallpapers, we can easily change the UI of our Xiaomi devices. In terms of Xiaomi, we can find a large collection of MIUI wallpaper for your device. From MIUI 1 to MIUI 14, we have a large number of Xiaomi wallpapers that we can try. 

Similarly, each and every Stock wallpaper of Xiaomi represents the feel, pleasure and aesthetics of the Xiaomi MIUI Version. Also, MIUI offers many features that attract attention in terms of aesthetics and functionality. That’s why you will get a large collection of MI Wallpaper HD here. 

To make it easy for our Xiaomi fans, we have created an evolution of MIUI. From MIUI 1 to MIUI 14, you will have a choice.

Xiaomi Wallpaper 4K Download: Download MIUI Wallpaper from MIUI 1 to MIUI 14

For our Xiaomi fans, we have created a large collection of Redmi Wallpapers. You will get complete stock wallpapers for all the MIUI versions. Whether it’s MIUI 6 or the final MIUI 14, you will get it and download it in 4K (Wallpaper Xiaomi 4K).

Also, you will have a choice of cool features and their own identity in each MIUI version wallpaper. With these beautiful Xiaomi Stock Wallpapers, you will be able to customize and give the best UI Experience in your Xiaomi MIUI Devices.

MIUI 1, MIUI 2, MIUI 3, MIUI 4, & MIUI 5

These are Xiaomi’s initial stages in custom ROMs. Although Xiaomi’s origin was in the development of custom UI, they haven’t focused too much on wallpapers. Due to this, we can’t find enough wallpaper for these versions of MIUI.

As per the source we have, at this stage, Xiaomi is not more focused on a complex UI Experience. Also, they used to give a closer experience to Pure Stock Android. Due to this reason, too, in these MIUI versions, we can find their own MIUI Wallpapers.

But in MIUI 5, Xiaomi introduced some unique wallpapers. It was the first MIUI version to feature its Wallpaper, Xiaomi, based on nature and crystal design.

MIUI 6 Stock Wallpaper

MIUI 6 was one of the most compatible versions of the wallpapers, too. In his version, Xiaomi has made a lot of changes to its UI, too. So, for the customization here, the users will get the Minimalism and Vibrant colors style wallpapers. It is not as advanced as it is now, but still, at that time, these wallpapers were refreshing and good-looking. 

MIUI 7 Stock Wallpaper

Xiaomi’s MIUI Wallpapers are more advanced in MIUI v7. In this version, we can find more natural and artistic wallpapers. There are different wallpapers from different categories. This version of MIUi features beautiful natural scenes with flower fields, mountain views, forests, and many more.

MIUI 8 Stock Wallpaper

Xiaomi’s wallpapers were more advanced in MIUI 8. In this update, Xiaomi has added a number of other cool features. Here, you will get beautiful wallpapers from different categories. Based on your requirements, you can download wallpapers of geometry and abstract art.

Similarly, this MIUI version includes colorful trains, circles, lines and abstract patterns wallpapers.

MIUI 9 Stock Wallpaper

Xiaomi Wallpapers are more optimized with MIUI 9. In this upgrade, Xia, Xiaomi has focused on space and night sky themes. Here, you will get beautiful wallpaper of stars, galaxies and spaceships. Also, there are a number of beautiful wallpapers in crystal colors.

MIUI 10 Stock Wallpaper

The Xiaomi Redmi Wallpaper 4K is more optimized in MIUI version 10. This MIUI version has introduced the magic of textures to its users. Yes, here you will get the texture style wallpapers with textures of wood, metal, stone and water drops. Also, there was an in-house MIUI 10 Logo in the System wallpaper collection.

MIUI 11 Stock Wallpaper

Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 was more surprising. In this MIUI Update, we have beautiful animations supported by wallpapers. Here, the wallpapers are based on the other different categories. Similarly, you can explore cute cartoon wallpapers, animated wallpapers, and other crystal-colored wallpapers in this MIUI 11 (Wallpaper Xiaomi).

MIUI 12 Stock Wallpaper

We all know Xiaomi has introduced the Super Wallpaper with MIUI 12. Due to this, you will get a lot of premium, customizable wallpapers in this version. At first, it offers magnificent wallpapers based on plants and nature. 

Here, you will find stunning wallpapers of lush nature, sky views, pictures of red planets, wallpapers of super moons and more.

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MIUI 13 Stock Wallpaper

This time, Xiaomi has introduced artistic images and robotic themes. Here, you will get the artistic bubble-type icons of colors as wallpapers. Also, there were eye-pleasing pictures of sand, hills and desert mountains.

You will also get the MIUI 12 Super Moon Wallpaper here. This MIUI version was full of surprises, including high-end customization with the system stock wallpapers.

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MIUI 14 Stock Wallpapers

MIUI 14 was the last version of MIUI custom UI. Due to this, Xiaomi has focused on originality and personalization in this MIUI version, where you will have the freedom to use similar wallpapers with different color options. 

Yes, here you will get a few wallpaper types, but there are many choices in their color options. You can easily choose the wallpapers based on their colors.

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In conclusion, Xiaomi Wallpapers 4K are really impressive and play an important role in personalizing based on the user’s choice. With this large collection of MIUI wallpaper, it’s easy to choose the best and perfect wallpapers to personalize their home and lock screen. That’s why we have mentioned a complete collection of Redmi Wallpapers for you. That’s it.


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