MIUI 12 Wallpaper Download HD [Super Wallpapers]

MIUI 12 Wallpaper Download HD [Super Wallpapers]

Xiaomi MIUI 12 was a game changer for Xiaomi Devices. With MIUI 12, Xiaomi changed its default control center to a new UI-based control center (which is easier and more beautiful, too). Xiaomi has given the best iOS-style Control Center with MIUI 12. Also, this was the first MIUI version where Xiaomi introduced the Super Wallpapers. Okay, first, take a look at the MIUI 12 Wallpaper collection.

Here, you can check the collection of MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper and static wallpaper. This version was one of the most anticipated and customizable MIUIs, with a number of exciting and game-changing features for Xiaomi.

About MIUI 12

Xiaomi MIUI 12 was released on 27 April 2020. It was officially released with Android 11. Later, older devices running on Android 9 and Android 10 also got this update. MIUI 12 is the game-changing MIUI upgrade that comes with many cool and exciting customization options.

With this update, Xiaomi has introduced the cool iOS-inspired custom Control Center, changes in the app icons, MI Glance, and the Super Wallpaper. So, this is the first UI to get the Super Live Wallpaper features. Here, you will learn more about it.

MIUI 12 Wallpapers

If your phone still runs on MIUI 12, then you are the lucky one to get the new Awesome Control Center. However, older than MIUI 12 users are still using the classic type control center. But in fact, the latest entry-level budget phones still feature the same classic Control Center.

Anyway, Xiaomi has surprised us with its latest collection of beautiful wallpapers, which includes many customization options. Here, we have extracted 35 Stock Wallpapers for Xiaomi. So, based on your requirements, you can download them.

MIUI 12 Stock Wallpaper Preview

Here’s the preview of MIUI 12 Stock Wallpapers. There are 35 Static Wallpapers in total for this MIUI Version. You can preview these wallpapers and download them if you love them.

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Xiaomi MIUI 12 Wallpaper Download

You can download the XIAOMI MIUI 12 Stock Wallpaper easily from here. We have shared the complete collection of static wallpapers for MIUI 12. Here’s the GDrive Download Link for these wallpapers,

MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper

Besides the static wallpaper, you can also download the Super wallpaper for MIUI 12. This MIUI Update features a cool super wallpaper experience. Here, you will get the super expertise of live wallpapers of Earth, Geometry, the Moon, Snow Mountain, etc.

These are the app extensions that come with the .apk file. So, you have to download it as a normal apk file and install it. After installation, you have to go to Themes>My Account/Profile>Wallppaers>Super Wallpaper to apply these MIUI Super Wallpapers.

MIUI 12 Super Live Wallpaper 

Besides these Super Wallpapers.apk files, you also have some Live Wallpapers for your MIUI. This MIUI 12 also features a Live Wallpaper Video. Here are the total 3 MIUI 12 Live Wallpapers we have for you.

How to Extract .zip file?

If you have downloaded the whole (all) wallpaper from the Google Drive Link, then you need to extract it first. To do this, you have to download the wallpapers .zip file on your Xiaomi phone. After downloading it, you’ll have to extract that .zip file. Here’s how,

  • Go to the MI File Manager App on your phone,
  • Go to the Downloads and find the .zip file there. (If not, then go to the Documents>Archiver from the file manager and find the zip file)
  • Now tap on it, and it will prompt you to choose the path to extract the file,
  • Choose on extract files to.. given location,
  • After successfully extracting, go to the Gallery and choose the wallpaper you want to set as your background.

That’s all for the MIUI 12 Wallpapers. Here, we have shared a collection of Xiaomi MIUI 12 Stock Wallpapers for your device. Also, we have shared all the wallpaper files in HD and High Resolution to give you the best experience. 


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