Download iPhone Wallpapers from iPhone 1 – iPhone 15 in 4K HD

Download iPhone Wallpapers from iPhone 1 – iPhone 15 in 4K HD

If you love the default iPhone wallpaper, then this is good news for our iOS fans. As we know, with the introduction of the iOS 16 App, Apple has removed the default wallpapers for their phones. So, for the Stock wallpapers for iPhone, we have extracted the complete wallpapers from all the iOS Devices. From the iPhone 1 to the latest iPhone 15, we have tried to include all the wallpaper on the iPhone. So here is the biggest collection of iPhone wallpaper in High Resolution.

First, if you want to back with cute iPhone wallpapers, I think stock wallpapers are your primary options. Yes, as we know, stock wallpapers are perfect and universal, too. You can easily download these iPhone wallpapers (Stock Wallpapers) now.

About iPhone iOS

iOS (aka iPhone OS) is one of the top and most powerful mobile operating systems developed by Apple Inc. It’s one of the most optimized mobile OS with cool features. Although it lacks enough customization as on Android OS, its hardware integration is impressive. Apple introduced this OSe in June 2007. 

iPhone Wallpapers Collection

The iPhone is one of the most optimized mobile devices in the world. With the proper integration of its own hardware and software components, this mobile device is reliable as compared to other brands’ smartphones. Besides, this is the one biggest compromise: customization. Anyway, here for the iPhone users, we have shared the complete collection of Wallpaper iPhones.

Here, based on your device, you can download these wallpapers for your iPhone. From iPhone 1 to the latest iPhone 15 Series, we have shared the collection of iPhone Wallpaper 4K

iPhone 1 & iPhone 2 (iPhone 3G) Wallpaper

These two are Apple’s first-generation phones. In their initial days, they didn’t think much about customization. Due to this, we can’t find such stock wallpapers on this device (as per our research). So, by targeting these two first-generation phones, we have tried to find out the possible stock wallpapers for this device. 

Here, you can see the preview of these wallpaper iPhones. Let me clarify that the iPhone 1 was the first phone with a 2G Network, and next year, the app introduced the same phone with 3G Connectivity. Now take a look at these previews of wallpapers,

iPhone 3 Wallpaper

For iPhone 3, we’ve collected a total of 18 stock wallpapers. From the different categories, we have extracted 18 stock wallpapers. This iPhone 3 was launched in 2009 by Apple. Here, most of the stock wallpapers for this iPhone 3 are of flowers and nature. Here, we can see the wallpaper with a bunch of flowers and the weather conditions. Here’s the preview of this wallpaper,

iPhone 4 Wallpaper / iPhone 4S Wallpaper

This time, Apple has upgraded the wallpaper category. They have not only limited to the bunch of flower wallpapers but have also focused on other textures and crystal pattern wallpapers. Due to this, you will get some unique wallpaper patterns for iPhone 4 and 4S. here’s the preview of wallpapers,

iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Let me inform you that the iPhone 5 Series was released with iOS 6 on top. You can also check the iOS 6 Wallpapers if you need to. The iPhone 5 was one of Apple’s rising phones. As compared to other previous devices, this phone was pretty good in every aspect. 

Similarly, in this device, Apple has introduced texture and crystal-type wallpapers filled up with different colorful patterns.

iPhone 6 Wallpapers

In terms of wallpapers for iPhone, the iPhone 6 was one of the first devices to get such a huge collection of wallpapers in 4k. iPhone 6 was released in 2014 with iPhone 6S. Both devices featured iOS 8 at the top. So, both these devices have cute wallpapers for iPhone.

Here, we can see a vast collection of wallpaper from different categories There is a large number of choices for personalizing iPhone 6 users with beautiful wallpapers from different categories.

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iPhone 6S Wallpapers

We’ve separated these two devices for their amazing features. Although both iPhone 6 and 6S were released at once with iOS 8 OS, the iPhone 6S was more customizable. The iPhone 6S was the game changer for the iPhone because Apple introduced Live Wallpapers from this device.

Due to this, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can support both types of wallpaper (Static and Live). Okay, here’s the preview of these wallpapers. You can also download these wallpapers from the given download link,

iPhone SE Wallpaper (2016)

After the successful launch of the iPhone 6 Series App, Apple has made a change in its regulations. The iPhone SE was launched before the iPhone 7 Device. It was first launched on March 21, 2016. Later, they launched this device with the latest UI and design in 2020 and 2022.

These iPhone SE Wallpapers are quite different and based on a Minimalistic design. Here, you can easily compare these wallpapers with other iPhone wallpapers. This time, Apple introduced a similar type of wallpaper with different color options in iPhone SE 2016.

iPhone 7 Wallpaper/ iPhone 7 Plus Wallpaper

iPhone 7/7Plus wallpapers are also unique. They have followed similar wallpaper patterns. The limited wallpapers are shown in different colors to give the best UI experience. Here, we can find a total of 24 wallpapers for this device.

Surprisingly, all the Wallpapers for the iPhone 7 come with a bubble design. As you can see, all the wallpaper comes with a bubble design with changes in colors and shapes.

iPhone 8 Wallpapers

iPhone 8 comes with the iOS 11 on the top. Due to this, most of these wallpapers are on iOS 11 OS. For this reason, we can find a large collection of wallpapers for the iPhone 8 from different categories. Besides, we have limited stock wallpapers.

We have sorted only the most used default wallpapers for iPhone 8 devices. Here, you can preview and download these stock wallpapers.

iPhone X Wallpapers

The iPhone X Series was the biggest turning point for the iPhone. With the iPhone X (iPhone 10) App, le has introduced the Notch display (with a higher screen-to-body ratio). But the drawback was that that they had removed the biometric (which used to be on the Home button). Anyway, the iPhone X was the big change in design and the wallpaper collections too.

Similarly, this time, Apple has made a change in its wallpaper collection, too. Now, the iPhone Wallpapers are more optimized and look more natural. Also, they have featured a set of similar multi-color wallpapers with the support of a blur effect. Additionally, you will get a total of six live wallpapers.

iPhone XR Wallpapers

With the successful launch of the app, Apple also launched the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. In XR, we can find 4 K wallpapers different from those on iPhone X. This time; they provided the same wallpaper with multi-color support.

iPhone XS Wallpapers

iPhone XS iPhone Wallpaper is unique. They have made a big change in the mobile wallpaper world. Also, there’s the round earth-type wallpaper with multi-color support and effects. They have also introduced video wallpaperswhich can be set as live wallpapers on iPhones. For more, with this series, Xiaomi has introduced the Super Wallpaper in its MIUI 12.

iPhone XS Max Wallpapers

Apple has made similar Wallpapers for the XS Max, the higher variant of the iPhone XS. Although these wallpapers look identical in the UI, you will notice some minor changes in the real scenario.

iPhone 11 Wallpapers

iPhone 11 was a surprising iPhone that came with a lot of changes and a modern design. Yes, the iPhone 11 Series is still in demand and treated equally to the new iPhone in the global market. iPhone 11 was launched in 2019. Although it follows a similar design to the iPhone XR, you will get a slightly smaller notch here. 

Now, for the wallpapers, Apple has introduced a bunch of static wallpapers. Here, you will get a similar type of wallpaper with slight changes in the shapes and color composition. Here, you will get 12 static and 12 live wallpapers.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallpaper

In this upgraded variant of the iPhone 11 Series, we will get a unique set of wallpapers. Like on iPhone 11, we will get similar patterns of wallpaper here. They have introduced unique wallpapers with changes in color patterns. Also, you will find some impressive live wallpapers for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

iPhone SE 2020 Wallpapers (iPhone SE 2)

After 2016, Apple again introduced the upgraded iPhone SE. With the latest OS, Apple has introduced this device to give the best design under attractive pricing. Due to this, as compared to each device every year (price increment), the price of the iPhone SE is lower.

Anyway, they introduced some impressive and unique wallpaper this time, too. Here, we will get a similar pattern type of wallpaper with an exceptional experience.

iPhone 12 Wallpapers

iPhone 12 features the best iPhone wallpaper. Here, you will get a unique shape type of static wallpaper with different color options. We know the iPhone 12 is still one of the most loved smartphones with cool features that are under budget. So, in terms of wallpapers, too, we will get impressive and cute wallpapers for iPhone 12 with multiple color options.

iPhone 12 Pro Wallpapers

The iPhone Pro variant is quite impressive and featureful. So here, we will get a pro-level wallpaper collection. You will get a total of 8 wallpapers with an amazing UI. Although you will get similar Wallpapers as on iPhone 12 Wallpapers, they are quite premium.

iPhone 13 Wallpaper

From the last few iPhone series, it’s clear that the iPhone is more focused on similar wallpapers with multiple color options. Due to this, this iPhone 13 has a single wallpaper with various color options. Here, you can see in the preview that you will get similar wallpapers with several options to choose from. 

iPhone 13 Pro Wallpaper

Similar to the iPhone 13, we will get unique wallpapers in the iPhone 13 Pro. We know the Pro Series is more premium than the Number Series (lineup). Due to this, this device will get impressive wallpapers with different colorful options. The design looks like three glowing neon lights placed geometrically in various positions.

iPhone SE 2022 (iPhone SE 3) Wallpaper

Later, in 2022, Apple launched the latest version of the iPhone SE. This time, they introduced Abstract Wallpapers. These abstract wallpapers look unique and impressive with their colorful options.

iPhone 14 Wallpaper

The iPhone 14’s wallpaper is quite impressive. Here, we will get stunning, colorful wallpapers in different shapes. You will find unique shapes with different colorful options for wallpaper in iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro Wallpaper/ iPhone 14 Pro Max Wallpaper

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max series feature the most impressive and awesome wallpaper collection. The wallpaper of the iPhone 15 Pro series is impressive for more. Here, you will get the stunning deep purple and gold color, including another supportive color type of wallpaper.

iPhone 15 Wallpapers

We can explore the cute wallpapers for iPhone 15. In iPhone 15, we can find five beautiful new wallpapers. Here, we will get pink, blue, green, yellow, and black wallpapers with vibrant designs and shapes.

iPhone 15 Pro Wallpapers

iPhone 15 Pro comes with premium wallpaper patterns. Here, you will get the titanium effect with sandy exposure in the wallpapers. There are a total of four stock iPhone Wallpapers for the Pro Series. Here, you will get a Natural Titanium, Blue Titanium, White Titanium, and Black Titanium wallpaper collection. All in all, these abstract wallpapers look great and premium, too.

In concluding remarks, the iPhone Wallpapers collection includes iPhone wallpapers from iPhone 1 to the latest iPhone 15. We have also mentioned the stock wallpapers for each device with GDrive Link. So, based on your device, you can download these cool iPhone wallpapers (static/stock and live wallpapers).

My favorite wallpaper is from the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Which one is your favorite? Please don’t forget to comment your favorite with your current iPhone Device name.


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