10 Best HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper You Can Try Now!

10 Best HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper You Can Try Now!

If you are using Xiaomi’s premium budget and flagship phones running on HyperOS, you will have the option to apply the Depth Effect to the Lockscreen wallpaper. Although all Xiaomi phones running on HyperOS don’t feature the Depth Effect, mid-range and premium phones still do. So, here, for those phones that support the HyperOS Depth Wallpaper, we have shared the Best HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper.

What are Depth Wallpapers?

Depth Wallpapers are a new concept in the Smartphone world. In the Android world, Xia Omi has introduced these cool features with their new HyperOS Update. These Depth Wallpapers mostly give the depth effect and the Dynamic experience of normal wallpapers.

These HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpapers are basically made with some hybrid editing. However, the wallpapers look normal. Still, some factors make quite changes and may affect how you view your phone in the UI. So, it’s strongly recommended that you download these wallpapers’ original Files from the given download link (it’s free).

Coming to the point, in the Depth Effect Wallpapers HyperOS, you will have the customization to set. Based on your requirement, you can inline the clock widget or clock timer icon like (time 02:40), then set the 40 to the back or over the image. Here, you will get a flexible option to set how the Lockscreen actually looks.

Download HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper for HyperOS Devices

Now, you can download the HyperOS Depth Wallpaper based on your requirements. Here, we have shared the ten best Depth Effect Wallpaper for HyperOS Devices. All these wallpapers are taken from different sources and categories. Here’s a look at each Depth Wallpaper,

Depth Effect Wallpaper 1: Tower of Pisa

tower of pisa hyperos depth wallpaper

This HyperOS Depth Wallpaper features a beautiful tower house with many icons. Here, you will get a beautiful scene of the building, which is extremely tall and monumental, too. Also, behind the building, you will see beautiful shadow-covered hills in low transparency. In front of this building, a lot of people are enjoying swimming in the swimming pool. It’s one of the perfect wallpapers for the Dynamic Depth Effect.

Depth Effect Wallpaper 2: Warrior’s Silhouette

Warrior’s Silhouette hyperos depth wallpaper

In this HyperOS Depth Wallpaper, we can see the man with a mask and full body, protected by the mask and superhero costume. Also, you will get the attractive dressing costume of this superhero. Here, you will see the light blue dark experience of the background with the amazing man. It’s another perfect HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper.

Depth Effect Wallpaper 3: Dragon’s Embrace

dragon's embrance hyperos depth effect wallpaper

Here, you will get the beautiful classic building covered with a dangerous snake—with two hands. This looks quite scarcy but still may be one of the best choices for some HyperOS Fans. So, you can apply it to get the best Dynamic Depth Experience (depth effect wallpaper HyperOS).

Depth Effect Wallpaper 4: Shipwreck Whisper

Shipwreck Whisper HyperOS Depth Wallpaper

The old ship is parked on the beach of the sea. Here, you will see the shot of the evening, showing the dark foreground with the quiet light of the sun in the background. Here, you will see the beautiful classic ship parked.

Depth Effect Wallpaper 5: Red Reper’s Watch

Red Reaper’s Watch HyperOS Depth Wallpaper

Depth Effect Wallpaper 6: Pagoda Sunset

Pagoda Sunset HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper

Depth Effect Wallpaper 7: Giraffe Mirage

Giraffe Mirage HyperOS Depth Wallpaper

Depth Effect Wallpaper 8: Twilight Balloon

Twilight Balloon HyperOS Depth Wallpaper

Depth Effect Wallpaper 9: Jet Ascent

Jet Ascent HyperOS Wallpaper Depth

Depth Effect Wallpaper 10: Rocket’s Trail

Rocket's Trail HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper

So, these are the 10 Best HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpapers for Xiaomi HyperOS and MIUI Devices. We have shared the most impressive HyperOS Depth Wallpaper for you.